Fr. 02.03.2018

Highways closed in Italy

Please be informed that due to intense snowfall the situation of the Highways and ways is getting worst today in Italy.

The A1 motorway is now closed in both directions from Milan to Sasso Marconi, shortly after Bologna heading south.The decision was made because of the cold rain that is falling on the highway leading to the formation of ice.

On the other hand, there are no particular critical points along the Bologna railway junction, according to Trenitalia. At Bologna central station there are some inconveniences between 10 and 20 minutes. The goal is to guarantee 80% of regional trains and at the moment the program is proceeding in this direction. The only critical situation on the regional node concerns the Parma-La Spezia, currently closed due to the ice that has frozen the power supply line.

The bad weather that in the last hours is a relentless downpour on the heart, is one of the causes of freezing rain. The closures concern the motorways A1, A13, A14 and the A1-A14 Bologna-Casalecchio junction, in both directions. The icy rains that immediately make the surfaces on which the ice sheets fall are affecting various car traits.