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A Global Innovation

The flitecubeC4 is an innovative, foldable and with special damping equipped engine carrier for turboprop or jet engines.
It reduces the logistics costs for engines that have to be transported in several ways.

Due to the use of metallic materials, no treatment regimens against vermin can be observed by the engine carrier. This way the flitecubeC4 saves effort and costs with every transport. In addition, the selected materials withstand environmental influences on all continents and repair costs are minimized. One-man handling through modular individual components is another advantage.

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Special features

Development according to CS 25561 and NAS 3610 standards 

  • A significant reduction in costs is achieved by reducing the freight volume to one third. We will be happy to calculate your savings on the destinations you specify.
  • Compared to conventional transport boxes, the flitecubeC4 can be stacked when empty and also requires only one third of the storage volume.
  • The use of modern and lightweight aerospace components saves weight.
    This saves valuable energy resources!
  • Our development team produces custom-made individual solutions for airlines, MRO companies and OEMs. Each concept is individually adapted to the engine type.

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