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Quick customs clearance of an aircraft

Highest priority, …a larger size is also possible, …it isn’t always just small parts or engines have to be placed and unwound quickly, no … larger sizes are also possible. The task was to clear the aircraft as quickly as possible because a holiday connecting flight had already been booked. 

The aircraft was accepted by FRAPORT when the Boeing 737-800 arrived late at the parking position. Time was running out, with our clearance team making up for the delay and working closely with customs, every second counted. The final completion of all work on the parking position led to a preliminary inspection of the apron customs authorities together with the Central Global Cargo handling team. Within 1.5 hours, the project was successfully completed and scheduled commissioning was guaranteed.

After the settlement, the first vacationers booked on the Boeing 737-800 were already waiting for this maiden flight under the German flag on their way to their well-deserved vacation... wherever they went... Bon voyage.  For Central Global Cargo aircraft handling number 28... in 12 months.

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