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Social responsibility

The business conduct of our company is based on our commitment to act professionally, fairly and with integrity at all times.

The business principles include our commitment to acting responsibly wherever we operate worldwide and to closely involve our stakeholders to manage the social, environmental and ethical impact of our activities in the various markets in which we operate.

Central Global Cargo undertakes not to engage in any act of corruption and rejects any form of immoral influence or payment, including bribes. All employees are obligated to avoid any activities that could result in or suggest a conflict of interest with the company's business. Employees must declare any entertainment or gifts they have received and retain appropriate supporting documents that can be reviewed by management at any time. We do not pay unpublished direct or indirect donations to political parties.

We will comply with all relevant anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws under any jurisdiction in which we operate, including those directly applicable to specific business practices.


Central Global Cargo sees it as its duty to contribute to the protection and, wherever possible, improvement of the environment through good business practices within the scope of its activities. Since this can only be achieved through efficient management of all business activities, the following principles serve as guidelines for our work processes:

  • Create a positive ecological culture in which pollution prevention and the conservation of natural resources are always taken into account and given real priority.
  • Ensure that compliance with the law is the minimum standard by which we operate.
  • Always pay attention to safety and economy.
  • Maintain an honest and professional dialogue with the general public.

Central Global Cargo is committed to implementing an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system to control the company's impact on the environment.

Health and safety

Central Global Cargo's strategy is to achieve and maintain high standards of health and safety throughout the company, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, facilities and work systems for all Central Global Cargo employees. We also undertake to provide the information and training necessary for this purpose.

Appropriate preventive and protective measures have been and will continue to be taken when work-related hazards are identified and after the associated risks have been assessed.

In addition, Central Global Cargo's corporate strategy is to ensure that operations are conducted in a manner that minimizes potential risks to the public.

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