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Aircraft On Ground.

Logistics for aircraft spare parts

In most cases, "Aircraft On Ground" means long waiting periods for passengers, delays or rescheduled plans. Quick help is needed. And a partner who knows how to deal with such exceptional situations professionally and routinely. CGC and the Aviation Logistics Network (ALN) specialize in these time-critical cargos.

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CGC Routine

Personal support and maximum availability are the basis for a perfect performance. 

What would be the "highest alarm level" for other suppliers is routine for CGC: from determining the order status of the suppliers abroad and the collection up to smooth customs clearance with us as regulated agent. Timely reporting of statistics back to you, additional renting of capacities or entire aircrafts are just as standard for us as the accompaniment of your freight by one of our employees as an on-board courier.

Our strengths - Your advantages

  • Availability of the AOG-Team: 24/7/365 in 3 shifts
  • Accessibility: central, toll-free hotline number
    008000 2648326 (008000 AOG Team)
  • All requests are answered by a member of a local AOG team and not by an anonymous voice mail.
  • Worldwide cooperation through the Aviation Logistics Network (ALN)

The Aviation Logistics Network

Central Global Cargo is co-founder of the international network with over 360 stations. 

Since 2006, the Aviation Logistics Network has been an independent association of international logistics service providers, all of which specialize in the transportation of time-critical freight for the aerospace industry. In addition to bundling resources and skills, cooperation within this global organization prioritizes above all continuous process optimization in the handling of exceptional logistics cases.

With currently more than 360 stations around the globe, our network architecture offers a high degree of decentralized decision-making competence as well as autonomous responsibility for the support and monitoring of individual freight solutions so that your time-critical shipments arrive quickly and smoothly.

The following map shows the worldwide locations of our stations.

AOG Logistics Partner Standortkarte

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