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Time Critical

On a tight schedule

Not every transport can be planned well in advance. Sometimes an urgent situation forces us to act immediately. CGC delivers your time-critical freight on time, even when you think it's already too late.

Thanks to a clever combination of charter and courier services, CGC can offer comprehensive solutions for all industries with time-critical tasks worldwide. Whether spare parts for an aircraft in AOG case, electronic components that are urgently needed for production or urgent documents - CGC combines charter and courier services to ensure that your delivery arrives on time where it is needed. 

We do everything we can to ensure that your goods arrive on time.

Onboard couriers are a special service provided by Central Global Cargo. Smaller and more urgent packages will be carried on board as "hand luggage" on the next available flight. If no commercial flight is available, we charter an aircraft of the required size for transport.

  • Aircraft charter: the ultimate international time-critical solution with customized services at both ends of the supply chain
  • Onboard courier: the solution with a maximum of security and speed from the time of collection to delivery
  • Helicopter Charter: When delivery by land to the next destination or airport is simply not fast enough
  • Time-critical land transport: Time-critical road courier services for the first or last stretch.

Time Critical Logistics

Our 24/7 service: We are ready when you need an urgent solution, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, just call!


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