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Special cargo „helicopter to India“

A real challenge. The transport box of an Airbus helicopter had to be changed at the last minute.

Quick customs clearance of an aircraft

Highest priority, …a larger size is also possible, …it isn’t always just small parts or engines have to be placed and unwound quickly, no … larger sizes are also possible.

AOG shipment with special handling via apron

Due to traffic jams, the shipment arrives late in Frankfurt. Only with special handling can the 4 packages reach the desired flight.

A 100 ton Siemens Compressor goes to China

With 100 tons and 315 cubic meters, the municipal utilities in China receive a new generator.

Special glass for the Apple Store Los Angeles

How can 10 tons of special glass be transported safely over 10,000 km? With Central Global Cargo, careful handling and special crates, the route was managed cost-effectively and safely.

From South Korea to Kassel-Calden

Over 8500km transport from South Korea to Germany. The 4-ton heavy weight transport of a helicopter was delivered to Kassel-Calden on behalf of Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH.

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