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Oversize and heavy weight transports

Optimized transportation planning by experts 

Central Global Cargo also supports you with oversize and overweight heavy-duty transports, long transports or transports with over heights - across Germany or Europe. Perfectly planned in all details.

Oversize and heavy weight transports are transports that do not conform to dimensions and/or weights, and that deviate from the regulations of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations.

CGC takes over the entire range of transports for you

  • Oversize transports
    Large dimensions and low weight, such as tanks
  • Heavy weight transports
    Small dimensions but very high weight, such as aircraft tractors
  • Oversize and heavy weight transports
    A combination of 1. + 2., such as aircraft engines
  • Long transports
    Goods with a length over 20 meters, such as wind turbine blades.

Central Global Cargo offers you a comprehensive service for all special transports

  • Calculation of national and international transport routes
  • Obtaining permits and customs formalities as well as police escorts
  • Provision of escort vehicles BF2/BF3 at home and abroad
  • Site localization of your transport

Optimized transport planning by experts

Heavy and special transports require great experience, precise planning and an execution that does not tolerate any mistakes.

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